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From a tax point of view, tourism organisations in South Tyrol are in a special position (like other not for profit organisations). Legally both tax and VAT can require particular processes that many accountancy programmes on the market can only deal with through "work arounds", which in some cases doubles the number of document entries.

In these times of limited resources and ever-increasing demands on tourism organisations, a targeted implementation of available resources is absolutely essential.  Related to this is the decision whether to do accountancy in-house or whether to outsource it. In-house accountancy, provided you have personnel with accountancy skills, is certainly an efficient planning and control tool that has many advantages over outsourced accountancy. These are, for example, the availability of current figures with no time delay and the allocation of costs and income in as detailed a way as required. As far as is practicably possible (time/qualified personnel) LTS advises all organisations to carry out a large part of their accounting in-house.

In the search for a suitable software solution LTS has found the company PRO DATA and its business software "OMBIS" to be successful.  Hence LTS has put together two packages.

Accounting package OMBIS Fibu TV

As well as its basic accountancy capabilities, this package allows you to do budget planning and analysis, invoicing and manage the dunning process as well as calculating membership fees.  This basic package can be expanded with additional modules e.g. cost accounting, online banking interface, other export/import functions etc.

OMBIS invoicing and premium calculation

In addition to invoicing, this package allows the automatic calculation of membership fees. Furthermore simple item management and dunning process functions are included.  There is also the option with this package to have additional modules built step by step, so for example, accounting data can be exported to the online banking interface.

The software company PRO DATA serves as a central point of contact for assistance and questions about OMBIS. You can reach these services at: